Release Traumas / Old Wounds

Hypnosis can assist you to let go of the past and the feelings associated with restriction, lack, hurt, sadness, anger, and many other feelings or thoughts in order to begin anew.  In addition, core beliefs originating from your past events, and most likely when you were younger may affect you currently.  Whether large or small, you made meaning out of them because you were probably too young to fully understand what happened.  These events could have been quite significant, such as the loss of a family member, a health challenge, a move to a new town, or a change in schools.  Or smaller, which in your world at the time still made an impact on you– something like your best friend stopped talking to you, the teacher said something that made you feel badly, or it was your sibling who continuously got the praise on report card day instead of you.

But whatever they were, like a computer that has a bug in its program, these core beliefs are probably getting in the way today.  Your awareness of them is the first step to breaking down the barriers within yourself that you may have built against Love and starts to open you up to begin to receive it.  Once found, these beliefs can be changed and the cellular memory cleared and replaced by understanding and forgiveness allowing you to feel better.

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