I have just completed my third session with Ray, and I already feel so much better! I began hypnosis to help with jaw and neck pain. I feel as though I’ve been able to release past issues that were weighing me down and causing me to clench my jaw. After today’s session I feel lighter, happier, and more motivated! I also do not feel pain and tension in my jaw and neck. Ray has a welcoming disposition, conducts himself professionally, and has given me tools and resources to compliment my healing journey with hypnosis. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with him, and I highly recommend his practice!

– Daryl S.


I suffered from Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) for 23 years. It was something I was always very ashamed of and was embarrassed by my habit. I’m getting married in November, and the thought of taking photos was overwhelming. I knew I had to finally stop this. I found Raymond’s hypnosis deal on Living Social. I am SO HAPPY I purchased the deal! After four sessions, I’m happy to say I 100% beat Trichotillomania! I don’t feel the urges anymore to pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s unreal and amazing!! Raymond listened to me and helped me discover why I was doing this for so long. He’s the reason I overcame this disorder. THANK YOU!! If you’re struggling with Trichotillomania or any habit you want to overcome, use Raymond! He’s truly fantastic at what he does, and he’s so kind and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him and hypnosis!

– Yvette J.


I had wanted to try hypnosis and eft for awhile. I bought the groupon for Sunshine Hypnosis. I did not regret it one bit. Raymond is very welcoming. You can tell he truly cares and is very patient and great at what he does. He helped me a lot with some anxiety and fears and I was able to overcome some eczema that I have had for over five years in just a few sessions. I highly recommend trying a session with Raymond!

– Cortney C.


I contacted Raymond and Sunshine Hypnosis to help me with a claustrophobia issue.  From the first conversation, Raymond was very professional and easy to talk to.  He made any fear that I had about hypnosis disappear and made me feel very comfortable about approaching the process.  In my sessions with Raymond I not only gained insight to things I could do to help with my claustrophobia but also learned valuable information about myself.  It’s amazing where the mind will go if you are willing and open to learning more about yourself.  I would recommend Raymond to anyone interested in tackling a personal or emotional issue, his quiet confidence and coaching are extremely beneficial.

– Lisa R.


Raymond is an absolute pleasure to work with! I felt comfortable from the very beginning with him, even though I had never tried past life regression or had a formal hypnotherapy session. He was very easy to get a hold of and had a variety of times available for appointments with me. He even sent me some reading material (that specifically related to the past life regression) that I could read prior to our appointment to prepare myself. During the first visit, he explained the entire process in great detail and made sure I was comfortable with everything before we started. We even worked on a few things related to my behavior changes before going into the past life regression.

What I can say is that my work with Raymond has been life changing for me. It opened up a way of exploring my past — both within this lifetime or other past ones — that I hadn’t tried before and was so incredibly effective. Even if you’re a person who is skeptical about hypnosis, I think Raymond would be a great person to work with. He is understanding, caring, kind and thoughtful. Hypnosis is so much more than tricking your mind or training yourself to do something new. It is a process by which we are able to step outside ourselves in our existing “stuck” patterns and perhaps see them in a new way so that we can shift something we no longer want in our lives. I worked with Raymond 3 times in person, and have since moved out of Chicago, but I mention Raymond to friends often and suggest his services whenever I can. I would recommend — without hesitation — working with Raymond, especially if you are working on self growth or changing old habits that are no longer serving you. He also offers CDs of self hypnosis which you can use at home, that I found to be quite useful when I’m unable to meet with him in person.

– Beth L.


Raymond saved my life.

I have a lot to say about Raymond Czarnecki, and I will narrate my first meeting with this transformational human being. I had lurked on his yelp page months before I ever scheduled an appointment, nervous about how open minded he would be, and slightly skeptical in his personal ability. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or what defined hypnotherapy. However, when I looked at his picture, I felt like this was the right place to go, and the glowing reviews on his old business page speak for themselves.

I called, and when he returned the call promptly, his warm voice and polite manner over the phone surprised and relaxed me. We set up an appointment for 4:15 on a Tuesday in September. He was very clear and understandable over the phone about directions, and transit. He is right next to the Paulina Brown Line stop, and there is plenty of parking for cars and bikes surrounding the location. I paid through his website beforehand, which was easy and convenient.

So, on Tuesday I showed up at 3409 N Paulina ready for anything. I walked straight up the step to the wooden door clearly marked 3409…and stared…confused…then looked to my left at the window, which I quickly realized was actually a door. And there sat Raymond calmly waiting to welcome me. For the newcomers, when you reach the front door, there is an office intercom buzzer on your righthand side. Simply scroll down to Sunshine Hypnosis, and Ray will buzz you in.

When he welcomed me into his office, I felt like I was being given a verbal hug. Think of the best customer service you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and multiply that ten fold. Every single time I have stepped into Ray’s office the experience has been consistent, and wonderfully inviting. I have never once felt like a “customer”. His office is scented faintly with lavender and I’m not sure what else but it smells divine. I was seated on the comfy chair across from him, and filled out a basic form with my name/occupation/etc., to give Raymond a starting point of who I am. Then for a few hours, I became the sole focus of this wonderful hypnotherapist. He turns his phone off, everything off, and for the time you spend together, he is 100% engaged in the interaction. After a couple hours, we went into hypnosis, which feels like a peaceful resting sensation with your eyes closed. You are always 100% in control, and you can stop at anytime. He is a gentle guider, not a puppet master. The session wound to a close, and he gave me some “homework”, an affirmation tailored to my personal needs, and some certain recommended vitamins to help balance my moods and body. We scheduled our next session, and Raymond walked me to the door.

Since then, I have laughed joyously in his office, shared much, cried bitterly, shivered and shook, and felt every emotion, except for fear. I have always felt safe in Raymonds office. This man saved my life. When I first came to Sunshine Hypnosis, I didn’t see the point in living, and quite frankly I didn’t want to play the game of life anymore. I needed a friend, someone to SEE ME. We live in a city of 2.7 some million people, but nobody understood the person I am inside. I needed that recognition and complete acceptance that I found in the chair across from Raymond Czarnecki. In our time together, I have learned things about myself I never knew, been opened to new perspectives, healed from past wounds, remembered things I’d forgotten, run him out of tissues, and I am still on the road to self discovery and creation. Ray lets you discover things about yourself for yourself, he won’t tell you who you are, and that is one of the joys of spending time with him. I have also done a past life regression with Ray, and learned things that have brought me much joy, and experienced a lot of understanding about the patterns I repeat in my life. He has guided self-acceptance for much of my past, understanding of my present, and guidance for my future.

At no point will you ever be judged in Ray’s office, he accepts you, warts and all, lol. I still have a lot of healing to do, but I could never imagine ever going to traditional therapy. Hypnotherapy combined with Raymonds incredible talents and kindness is like putting a jetpack on therapy. It ignites real change, and coming from someone who wanted to die: I am LIVING PROOF.

– Laura F.