Past-Life Regression

“Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.” -Lao Tzu


Our mind is uniquely prepared to experience the continuity of time. While we are advised to live in the here and now, we all wander into the past or future. Our memory and imagination vary greatly from person to person. Even if you can remember every detail from your life, nobody can recall how these events affected them. The mind automatically filters out certain experiences out of normal memory. So, what kind of stuff becomes unavailable to our own thinking? Actually, there is a lot of information that never gets stored in our memory banks in the first place but, even more importantly, there are plenty of experiences that cannot be recalled because they are repressed – kept out of our awareness some how. These are the memories worth analyzing because they sit there deep inside the mind affecting our lives nonetheless. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to help people access those “buried” memories. Everyone has memories or experiences in their unconscious mind that they may not be able to recall but still play a significant role in everyday life. Hypnotic Regression is the process by which you access the subconscious mind and recall material from deep inside that is normally not available to the conscious mind.

Hypnosis enables the mind to travel more easily across the dimension of time. Regression is the process by which the hypnotist guides you back through time to particular events that need to be examined. It is actually relatively simple; you are suggested to travel back through the years to recall specific memories. There are a number of effective techniques to facilitate this process. The hypnotic process enhances your ability to remember events that you otherwise cannot recall. A good question is ‘why is it difficult to recall some memories and not others?’ Part of this answer can actually be attributed to Freud who described the function of the unconscious mind in great detail. Although many of Freud’s theories have been widely contested, the idea that the mind is made up of different levels of awareness and activity has been substantiated by empirical research and the observation of countless experts in psychology. The research into the formation and use of language demonstrates “deeper” levels at which words, thoughts, and sentences are created. This deeper subconscious sphere of mental activity can be compared to an iceberg, the large bulk of which is out-of-sight beneath the ocean surface. Similarly, your mind has many activities that operate outside your awareness for good reasons. The brain evolved to economize our focus of attention to limit the amount of what is in our awareness. Consequently, there can be a large amount of mental stuff that you are not aware of but may still have an important function.

Regression can be used to help recall events from the other night or from any point of your lifetime. It can help you remember specific details of an event or even better, to observe it objectively and to understand its meaning and significance. It certainly can be a very powerful tool to dive into the deeper parts of the mind.

We all experience a variety of events that were unpleasant, painful, embarrassing, or just difficult to cope with, which sometimes push these memories out of the conscious mind down into that hidden reservoir of the mind ~ the subconscious. These can be traumatic experiences, or just awkward ones that we do not want to remember or cannot recall because they were repressed out of awareness. Everybody has memories buried in the subconscious. Most of these memories are not that scary or horrible but some can be very uncomfortable to face. Many of the more dramatic things that happened to you as a child are resting in your subconscious, even if you can remember these events, some of their effects remain unobservable to the average person. That is where hypnosis comes in. Through various relaxation techniques we can open the door to the subconscious mind and help find the conflicts, turmoil, hidden pain, expose the obstacles, the self sabotage, and reveal the invisible connections between events and feelings. Regression done by a skilled professional can be very healing and transformative. It often brings up new insights into how your mind works and what really happened to you as a child. Most of the memories revealed are not tragic or horrific but, they often help heal the wounds or conflicts we experience in daily life. Occasionally, traumatic events can come up that require very skilled resolution. That is precisely why, it is important that hypnotic regressions are performed by highly skilled professionals that know how to carefully dig for these memories without ever “planting” false memories into the person.

I have performed many regressions on my clients and am often struck by the surprising nature of the material that is recalled. People can recall the most subtle small details of an event when they were just 5 years old that they never thought of before. This is how, much of the healing in the mind occurs, revealing the unconscious thoughts, memories, conflicts, etc. to the awareness. The consulting hypnotist helps the client resolve these issues in the hypnotic level and then afterwards a certain amount of follow up sessions may be required to help this person utilize these insights and new awareness in constructive and beneficial ways.

Healing the subconscious mind refers to the process of eliminating unwanted and unnecessary problems in the mind that block you from enjoying a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Many things can rob us of positive progress in our lives. One area that should be considered, when other explanations have been exhausted is memories buried in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis and regression therapy, in skilled hands, can often help remove blockages and heal suffering. It can be a quick process or it may take considerable time and work; that depends on many factors. In short, this technique can often uncover the material hidden beneath the surface.

If you have experienced reoccuring problems in your life, and all your efforts to resolve these issues in the direct conscious manner have not been successful, then trying hypnotic regression may offer you a potential solution. First, you must be prepared to dig deeper and be willing to confront whatever comes up. Secondly, you must do this with a qualified expert with whom you are prepared to invest the time and energy to go through this process. Thirdly, remain open and curious to utilize whatever emerges to resolve the problems and move forward in your life. I am certain that every person can make such positive progress.


Past Life Regression takes you further back in time through the hypnotic regression process as explained above.

Have you ever wondered who you were in a previous lifetime?  Have you ever read a book or saw a movie and really resonated with it and felt that you may have lived during that time period?  Do you have a connection with someone in your current lifetime with whom you believe was a part of your past?  Do you feel that you are experiencing reoccurring patterns of behavior, emotions, or unexplained health issues that may stem from the past?

All these questions and more can be answered through Past Life Regression.  It is your birthright to have a flow of positive energy in your life and in all of its many forms.  You are the one who can surely open the channels to have that magical flow in your life once more.  Using Past Life Regression for physical, emotional, or spiritual wellness can be very effective in assisting you to retrieve memories and release unwanted behaviors, emotions, or health issues stemming from previous lifetimes in order to remove barriers, facilitate wellness, and to help you find greater satisfaction in life.

Most people wonder if a past life regression will really work for them. It is only on rare occasions that clients do not bring up past-life material. In these rare cases, a memory from early childhood that seems pertinent to the issue of concern comes up, or we find that current life situations or anxieties intervene and need to be worked on first. What works best in past life work is to approach the experience with an open mind, not expecting anything in particular. (For example, if you approach a regression convinced you’re going to discover a lifetime when you were a fighter pilot, this might get in the way of what really needs to come up.)

Many popular books on the subject might lead people to expect that they’re going to see their past-life vividly, in great detail. This isn’t always the case, especially when experiencing your first regression. Although some clients find they “see” things in their mind’s eye quite clearly, others may find the impressions somewhat vague, only portions coming in clearly. Information comes through in a number of ways — physical sensations (like feeling hot or cold), hearing what people are saying around you, or just knowing something intuitively all of a sudden. The best approach is to focus on the images and feelings you experience, don’t worry about whether it makes sense or is “real” or not, and trust whatever comes up at the time.

Typically, people who have a regular meditation or relaxation practice move most quickly into a past-life regression experience. This shows that this is a skill that can be learned. The more you practice, the more detailed your experiences will be and the more easily memories will be recovered. However, there are also people who have never done any relaxation practice that recover detailed information quickly and easily. The only way to know how it works for you is to give it a try. It is helpful if you have a specific question or issue you would like to explore, but it can also be left open to your inner guidance to bring up a memory that has pertinence for your current life.

Here are some examples of past life regressions in my office:

  1. Current problem

A man with ever increasing fear and anxiety while driving over railroad crossings.

    Past Life Regression

As a little boy in a previous lifetime he was killed by a train while playing on railroad tracks very near to his home.

2.   Current problem

A man with an inability to express himself.

Past Life Regression

As a man in a previous life he was killed for speaking out, and against the established government.

3.   Current problem

A woman with 20 yrs. of chronic neck pain.

Past Life Regression

As a young princess in a previous life she was hung by the neck in a coup d’`etat  against the royal family.

4.   Current problem

A woman with lower leg pain since childhood.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in her 20’s in a previous life she walked behind a horse that kicked her in the legs which resulted in being crippled and unable to walk for the rest of her life.

5.   Current problem

A woman wants to know why she is really opposed to having children and is still single even though she’s very beautiful, intelligent, and has everything going for her.

Past Life Regression

As an African woman in a previous life she was really burdened with giving birth to and raising 15 children on her own.   ** It was her decision when she came into her current lifetime not to have children and to focus on a career that gave her great wealth.

6.   Current problem

A woman who has suffered from life-long migraine headaches.

Past Life Regression

While flying a plane as a male German fighter pilot in WW 1 in a previous life she had been returning from operations when engine trouble had erupted and he crash landed in the heavily wooded landscape of Germany, whereby a very large tree limb crashed through the fuselage, striking him in the head and killing him.

7.   Current problem

A man wanted to know why he had a fear of water and swimming.

Past Life Regression

As man in a previous life he was upon a  U.S. battleship in WW 2.  His ship had been destroy by the enemy and sinking.  He was attempting to survive while swimming and floating in the ocean over a period of time while awaiting rescue.  Sharks had been circling his group picking off men one by one.  Eventually, after nearly drowning and exhaustion a shark finally took him under the water and killed him.

8.   Current problem

A woman wants to know why she is a stripper even though she has no sexual abuse or trauma in her current life that would indicated her propensity to be a showgirl.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in a previous life in Ancient Egypt she was a lifelong dancer for the Pharaoh, which included many dalliances with him and members of the royal court.

9.   Current problem

A woman wants to know why she is promiscuous and likes macho Italian men.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in 1920’s New York in a previous life she was a prostitute and had a boyfriend in the Mafia.  One evening, while attending a party with her bad-boy mafia boyfriend at the big boss’ house she and several others including her boyfriend, were killed in a drive-by shooting that was perpetuated by a rival mafia gang members.

10.   Current problem

A man wants to know why he feels blocked in his life.

Past Life Regression

As a man in a previous life in Greece he and his mother endured several years of physical and emotional torment from his alcoholic father.  Eventually, he and his mother had escaped the father’s wrath and moved away to have a happy life.  He and his mother were very close to one another in that lifetime.  ** In his currently lifetime he felt this was the direct correlation to his relationship problems with his father and notice many other correlations between the two lives.  After his session with me he felt empowered and allowed himself to finally move away from Chicago and begin a new life in Oregon.

11.   Current problem

A woman wants to know why she is such an aggressive lesbian with a very large stature.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in a previous life she killed and her entire village was wiped out in a raid by the French government.  She was hiding under a wagon when the French troops came in  to kill them.  She eventually defended herself with a large knife killing some of the enemy but ultimately died during the battle.   ** She made a choice when she came into her current lifetime never to be a victim again and to stand up for herself.

12.   Current problem

A man feels a deep connection to a female co-worker who is a close friend.  In addition, he has always been fascinated with twins even though his is not married and never had children.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in a previous life she saved a military gentleman’s life by nursing him back to health after he was very badly wounded in a battle.  Later, they marry and she had twins in addition to a couple of more children.   Other previous lifetimes that we reviewed in the session include them being together and having twins again.  We also learned that the last lifetime they spent together was in France.  My client was a man in that previous life and was a music teacher.  She was his student and 20 yrs. younger.  They fell in love but societal differences prohibited them from marrying.   ** In my clients current life, he and his co-worker friend are very fond of classical music which brought them together in the first place… she is also 20 yrs. younger.

13.   Current problem

A women has severe relationship problems with her husband.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in a previous life she was subservient to a man that was controlling and at times very mean to her.  In fact, she revisited 3 repetitious lifetimes whereby this man was directly involved with her and they held the same dysfunctional relationship patterns.

14.   Current problem

A man has two problems.  1) He has life-long relationship problems with his mother.  2) He is claustrophobic.

Past Life Regression

As a gay man in an previous life his mother was shamed by his sexuality and told the community about this to save her own status within the community.  One day shortly following his mother’s decision to tell tribal leaders and the community about his sexuality, they surrounded him in a quarry-like environment at the edge of the village and stoned him to death.  Not only did they stone him, but they also kept piling rocks upon him to burry him under the stones right there where he lay.

15.   Current problem

A woman wants to know why she is having so many relationship problems with her husband who is very controlling and secretive.  In addition, she wants to know why she is so infatuated with her male business partner.

Past Life Regression

As a woman in a previous life she was a secretary for this man who was very controlling and mean to her.  It turns out this man is her husband in her current lifetime.  She leaves that secretarial job to marry a very kind a loving man.  She feels a great sense of freedom when she leaves that job with the tyrannical boss.  In addition, the man she married in that previous life turns out to be her male business partner.


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