Over 30 years ago, Roger Callahan discovered and founded, Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  Gary Craig, a student of Callahan, simplified TFT into what is known today as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  In the 1990’s, Dr.’s Bruce Lipton and Dawson Church, a cellular biologist and psychologist respectively, came together with their knowledge, research, and experience from both in and out of the laboratory to write a critically acclaimed book, The Genie in Your Genes (Elite 2007).  In this book, they provided proof of their research and the profound amazing ability of EFT to release emotional trauma by tapping on the meridian points (also known as the acupuncture/acupressure points) on the human body.

EFT uses a tapping sequence in the form of a healing code, balancing the body’s energy system, allowing you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes while promoting the body’s own healing ability.

The human mind and body together is in essence an energy machine; a complex amalgam of electrical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual energies, all combined to form the remarkable organism we know as a human being.

EFT is in some ways a cousin of acupuncture and kinesiology. It comprises a methodology of tapping patterns along certain key energy points on the body to unblock and redirect the flow of energy back to a natural and healthy state. Using EFT can result in significant (sometimes almost instantaneous) relief from a wide variety of acute and chronic physical, emotional, and spiritual discomforts— from fear, anxiety, and panic to allergic reactions and chronic pain. EFT is so simple and so effective that sometimes the results seem unbelievable. Yet as we all know, seeing is believing.

The possible applications for EFT are almost limitless, and its healing effects are sometimes nothing short of miraculous, and is a highly effective, non-invasive, healthy natural alternative to long-term, or drug related psychotherapy.

Watch this brief video of Dawson Church explaining EFT:



Raymond may incorporate EFT into a clients’ session in order to assist in the wellness process prior to a person going into hypnosis.  This is an elective process and is always the clients’ choice whether to participate.

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