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Raymond Czarnecki is a NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a ICBCH Certified Instructor of Hypnosis.

He received his initial training at the Garrett Hypnosis and Wellness Center in Chicago through Master Instructor Dr. Funda Kahn, and under consultation and mentoring from the world-renowned hypnotherapist Larry Garrett.

Raymond uses Clinical Hypnosis, EFT, Inner Child Connection, and Hypnotic Regression to assist clients to achieve their goals by overcoming challenges to everyday common problems such as stress reduction, pain management, sleep problems, fears or phobias, weight control and healthier eating habits, smoking cessation, habit control, nervousness or sadness, and to help improve confidence within his clients. Science has proven that alternative wellness techniques may allow people to change at a cellular level in order to live happier and healthier lifestyles. He incorporates this knowledge and understanding of the mind-body connection in order to you assist you to release your angst and bring wellness into your life.

Raymond specializes in Hypnotic Regression.  Hypnotic Age Regression and Past Life Regression helps clients to gain valuable information about themselves that may benefit them as a collective process of life lessons, and can be very effective in assisting a person to remove past barriers that may have been imprinted from experiences long ago.  He uses highly specialized hypnosis techniques to assist clients in uncovering extended memories that may be creating unwanted patterns of behavior, emotions, or health issues, and to bring with it a greater level of understanding to improve their wellness.

Raymond now has 2 great locations to better serve you, CHICAGO and NAPERVILLE.

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