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As most people know, smoking cigarettes or cigars can be a health hazard.  Its even printed on every pack of cigarette that is sold in the United States!  However, people who smoke know that the warning is on that package and yet they insist on ignoring it.  Why?  Its really not their fault because research has shown that the massive amounts of nicotine and chemicals in each cigarette make a person habitually crave cigarettes physically and mentally.  Research has also shown that second hand smoke is just as hazardous to the health of other individuals that are in the immediate presence of someone smoking a cigarette, and on a continuous basis can adversely affect that individuals health.

Hypnosis can assist a smoker to diminish the urge of smoking in order to completely quit the habit of smoking cigarettes or cigars in order to live a healthier lifestyle for themselves, and to enjoy a longer life and better relationship with their wife, husband, children or grandchildren.  Hypnosis can also assist a person to curb their appetite, or feelings of irritability, while in the process of diminished smoking in order to avoid weight gain which is a part of the body’s response mechanism to the cessation of smoking cigarettes or cigars.

Is it hard to Stop Smoking? Will it hurt?

Most people find that they experience very little withdrawal and/or anxiety, and/or side effects, and I give you powerful tools to quickly and effectively deal with any of those moments should they arise. Every minute and hour of every day after the actual “quit smoking” session will find you feeling stronger, healthier, and more in control. Your body begins healing right away as well. The follow-up hypnosis sessions are designed to reinforce it all. You are free! Whether you’re a kid or a senior, smoking is a thing of the past. You stop smoking for good!

Stop smoking without weight gain

Many people avoid quitting because they fear that they will gain a lot of weight after they stop smoking. This does not have to be the case. Your metabolism will slow down slightly after you stop smoking, and you may gain a few pounds initially, but this is quickly reversed as you find yourself engaging in more healthy activities during the healing process. Committed ex-smokers actually tend to lose weight (about 8 pounds) over the course of the first year after they quit smoking. I also give each client a personally designed “replacement activity” for those initial days and weeks after your “stop smoking day” that does not include or allow eating a lot of unhealthy food as a way of replacing your smoking activity. Don’t let this unfounded fear stop you from gaining your freedom from this insidious and terrible habit.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy with a 90%+ success rate

Using hypnosis to effect behavioral, emotional, and physical change is as old as our species, first practiced by the ancients in Egypt and India, and probably even before that. Hypnosis isn’t magic; it is completely natural, safe, and painless, and it has helped millions of people change unwanted behaviors, break unhealthy habits, and enjoy more healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Your success begins with a sincere desire to change and your decision to do something. My clients enjoy a better than 90%+ success rate. When they stop smoking through hypnosis, most can’t believe how easy and painless it was. You will successfully quit smoking for good if you have a sincere desire to do so. Remember, it all starts with that critical phone call. Why wait another day? Life is short. Why make it shorter?

Call the experts today at Sunshine Hypnosis and give yourself the gift of a healthier lifestyle.

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