Inner Child Connection

Sunshine Hypnosis located in CHICAGO and NAPERVILLE, uses specialized hypnosis techniques that can assist you to connect with your Inner Child in order to facilitate healing and wellness on deep levels within your subconscious mind.  Many negative core beliefs and traumas can be changed at this level of hypnosis leading you to live a more happier and healthier lifestyle.

The Inner Child is the essential, or original self, the child within. The Inner Child is the subconscious and responds to what it is given just like a child responds to what it is given, what it is shown. It is the part of us that experiences emotions like: anger, sadness, fear,depression, confusion, happiness, playfulness and love. When we free ourselves from the pain body we begin to gain access to our wisdom, intuition and our inner ways of knowing.

When we listen to our own needs, we are listening to the inner child. When we ignore those gut feelings in our bodies that are sending us the message that something is wrong we are ignoring the inner child. If we ask it will tell us what is true and needed for our own well being.

Are you ready to listen, meet and free your Inner Child?

Call Raymond at Sunshine Hypnosis to learn more about powerful wellness approach.  (847) 620-9529.

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