Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a gentle, simple, and effective modality to help you discover what is blocking your emotional/physical well-being thereby releasing and healing many of life’s common problems quickly and easily.

The human mind and body together is in essence an energy machine; a complex amalgam of electrical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual energies, all combined to form the remarkable organism we know as a human being.

EFT is in some ways a cousin of acupuncture and kinesiology. It comprises a methodology of tapping patterns along certain key energy points on the body to unblock and redirect the flow of energy back to a natural and healthy state. Using EFT can result in significant (sometimes almost instantaneous) relief from a wide variety of acute and chronic physical, emotional, and spiritual discomforts— from fear, anxiety, and panic to allergic reactions and chronic pain. EFT is so effective that sometimes the results are felt immediately. Yet as we all know, seeing is believing.

The possible applications for EFT are almost limitless and its healing effects are sometimes nothing short of miraculous.

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