Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of selective concentration in which a person is capable of internalizing thoughts and suggestions for the purpose of manifesting desired emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual change.

Hypnosis automatically occurs anytime an individual becomes deeply relaxed and/or highly focused. Generally, a hypnotized person has greater awareness of sensations and surroundings. During the hypnosis session, the client generally hears and remembers most of what the hypnotist speaks. Therefore, the client can remain in control of his/her actions and feel safe throughout the session. Hypnosis assists a person to become more inclined to do things he/she wants to do, but virtually never makes a person behave against their will.

Sunshine Hypnosis helps ordinary, everyday people with problems such as stress reduction, sleep problems, weight management, smoking cessation, nervousness, sadness, fear of flying, grief consoling, pain management, self confidence, child birthing, addictions, and unwanted patterns of behavior assisting you to remove blockages from your path.

Let go of the struggle. Get the help you deserve. Call Sunshine Hypnosis, now with offices in Chicago and Naperville, to assist you in creating your path of least resistance. Allow the magic of your life to begin again.

Personal Hypnosis Services

Sunshine Hypnosis located in CHICAGO and NAPERVILLE specializes in Clinical Hypnosis integrated with EFT and Inner Child Connection.  This combination can facilitate wellness on many levels.  You’ll notice a difference in yourself as you change the way you think and ultimately, the way you feel when you begin to release your challenges and have a more positive flow in your…

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a gentle, simple, and effective modality to help you discover what is blocking your emotional/physical well-being thereby releasing and healing many of life’s common problems quickly and easily. The human mind and body together is in essence an energy machine; a complex amalgam of electrical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual energies, all combined to form the…

Inner Child Connection

Sunshine Hypnosis located in CHICAGO and NAPERVILLE, uses specialized hypnosis techniques that can assist you to connect with your Inner Child in order to facilitate healing and wellness on deep levels within your subconscious mind.  Many negative core beliefs and traumas can be changed at this level of hypnosis leading you to live a more happier and healthier lifestyle. The Inner…